Inspiring experiences

If, like us, you feel the Wanderlust spirit and run away from the classic tourist trips, you are in the right place: take a look at the trips we have made and get inspired for your next adventure. Or, if you prefer, contact us directly and we will help you set up the trip of your dreams.

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Passion for travel

We are restless souls who are always dreaming of our next destination and the adventures we will find along the way. We are people who love to travel in the broadest sense: traveling not only to explore new cities but to reach remote places where only the most intrepid travelers go. For us, traveling is going into adventures and challenges you would never have proposed; traveling is taking your own limits to unimaginable places. And you, do you have a Wanderlust spirit?

/ Inspiring experiences

Let yourself be inspired

Our goal is to accompany you on the road so that you can live your dream of visiting that country that generates so much curiosity in you and so that you do it in a profound, intense, unique, safe, and different way. And we can say it with certainty because we have been there and lived it. We can advise you according to your interests and concerns without using catalogs but personalize the experience for you based on what we have experienced and felt firsthand. That experience is what we want to share with you.

/ What they say about us

Noelia nos preparó un viaje perfecto de 3 semanas por Argentina. Además de cuadrar los horarios y precios de aviones que más nos convenían nos buscó muy buenos hoteles y nos recomendó desde itinerarios hasta restaurantes en cada lugar. Un viaje exclusivo e inolvidable.

- Irene y Luis (viajaron a Argentina)